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Florida Water Bubble Bath - 8fl oz

Florida Water Bubble Bath - 8fl oz

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If you love my Florida water, try it as a BATH! 

Don’t know what Florida water is? Well - This blend of traditional waters and essential oils is a powerful, wonderful smelling spiritual cologne that has been used for around 200 years in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria and other spiritual practices for spiritual cleansing and purification- in addition, it is used: 

- To bring blessings 
- As a spiritual bath to lift heavy energy from your aura 
- As an addition to your floor wash to cleanse your home or work 
- As a cologne for peace, blessings, uplifting energy and purification
- As an offering to your ancestors 
- As a tool to cleanse your altar, shrines or tools 
- As an offering to any spirits or gods you work with. 

Use this soap daily to cut and clear heavy negative energy from you. A great addition to any uncrossing, spell breaking, jinx removing or blessing spiritual bath or ritual. 

All Madame Phoenix bubble baths are individually hand made - a gentle & creamy bubbling interlude, filled with high quality oils and natural ingredients for an exceptional spiritual experience like no other. 

Made with pure oils in a rich, luxurious, super bubbly bath, formulated to leave your skin feeling soft and your spirit renewed. 

Biodegradable and vegan. 

Available in three sizes!